U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast
U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast
Will the United States, the largest economy in the world, enact national privacy and data protection legislation? Or will privacy regulation be left to the 50 states and other countries. The borderless nature of the Internet seems to call for a uniform legislation, but enactment is uncertain. This series of podcasts will explore:
What would national legislation look like? On what principles would it be based?
What are the arguments for and against a preemptive national standard?
What Federal agency or agencies should be charged with implementing a national privacy law?
What role would be left to the states if a national policy were to be adopted?
How is Congressional debate likely to unfold?
What role will the Executive Branch play in this debate?
Will the United States, where the digital economy was born, cede leadership on data protection regulation to other countries?
How would a US national privacy law relate to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
What domestic and international competitive issues are in play?
Jerry Buckley, a founding partner of the national financial services law firm, Buckley LLP, and Jody Westby, a prominent consultant on data security, will interview a wide range of privacy policy players: legal experts, consumer privacy advocates, business representatives, academics and state and federal officials.
Data is the lifeblood of our economy and the economic competitiveness issues, domestically and internationally, loom large in this debate, The objective of these podcasts is to hear all points of view on what promises to be one of the most momentous public policy debates of the next decade.


Jerry Buckley

Jerry Buckley, founder of Buckley LLP, a national financial services law firm, has taken a lead role in promoting national data protection standards. Described by Chambers as “a recognized dean of the consumer financial services bar,” Jerry serves as adviser to the Financial Services Trade Associations Data Protection Working Group, an informal alliance of national financial trade associations responding to fast changing legislative and regulatory developments related to privacy and data security.

Jody Westby
CEO of Global Cyber Risk and also serves as Adjunct Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Computer Science. Ms. Westby chairs the American Bar Association’s Privacy & Computer Crime Committee, is co-chair of the ABA’s Cybercrime Committee, and is an appointed member to the ABA President’s Cybersecurity Task Force. She is a professional blogger for Forbes and authors a regular column on cybersecurity issues for Leader’s Edge magazine. Ms. Westby is the author of several books and articles on cybersecurity, cyber conflict, and enterprise security programs.


JAN 20, 2021

Strategies for Readiness and Compliance in a Fast Changing Data Protection Landscape (with Jill Reber)

This week, we’re joined by Jill Reber, General Manager – Data Privacy at Logic20/20, who discusses the strategies companies are adopting as they seek to operationalize data protection in a rapidly changing environment.

JAN 13, 2021

Former FCC Commissioner Calls for a Presidential Commission on the Future of the Internet (with Michael Copps)

In this episode, Jerry and Jody are joined by Michael Copps, former Commissioner and Acting Chairman of the FCC, who now serves as Special Advisor on Media and Democracy Reform at Common Cause. Copps has called on the new Biden administration to establish a Presidential Commission on the Future of the Internet.
This week's guest: Peter Swire

JAN 6, 2021

Pondering Preemption of State Privacy Laws (with Peter Swire)

We’re joined by Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business professor Peter Swire, who explains issues and obstacles regarding federal preemption of state privacy laws and discusses a potential approach to a federal privacy law.

DEC 16, 2020

Data Governance: EU Moves While U.S. is Stalled (with Jody Westby and Jerry Buckley)

The EU has launched a series of data regulation initiatives designed to make Europe the “Data Continent” while the U.S. has yet to adopt national data governance rules and lacks an authoritative voice in international data policy discussions.

DEC 9, 2020

Pros and Cons of National Privacy Legislation (with Jurgen Van Staden)

We discuss the complexities and trade-offs involved in the various types of data used by businesses and the pros and cons of national legislation with Jurgen Van Staden, Associate General Counsel for Privacy and Technology at Verizon Media.

DEC 2, 2020

EU Offers Valuable Insights for U.S. National Privacy Debate (with Maarten Stassen)

We talk with Maarten Stassen, a partner in the Brussels office of Crowell & Moring LLP, about how cross-border data protection standards are playing out in practice in the EU.

NOV 18, 2020

EU Data Protection: Any Lessons for US? (with John Bowman)

We explore the rationale that led to adoption of the GDPR, as well as what has worked and what hasn’t, with John Bowman, Senior Principal at Promontory and the U.K. government’s lead GDPR negotiator.

NOV 11, 2020

NIST Privacy Framework Plays Role in National Privacy Discussion (with Naomi Lefkovitz and Dylan Gilbert)

In January 2020, NIST released a voluntary Privacy Framework – we discuss the framework with two NIST advisors who helped lead its development.

NOV 4, 2020

San Francisco Fed Report Looks at National Privacy Policy (with Kaitlin Asrow)

We interview Kaitlin Asrow, author of San Francisco Fed report, “The Role of Individuals in the Data Ecosystem,” a must-hear for anyone seriously interested in understanding the way forward in privacy and data protection policy.

OCT 28, 2020

Nicole Booth & Elizabeth Young LaBerge

We will explore the data protection issues the financial services industry is grappling with at the state level and the prospects for national privacy legislation.

OCT 21, 2020

Kate Flocken & Tyler Griffin

The legislative landscape on Capitol Hill is fluid and the results of the election will have a big impact on what way Congress decides to go with a national privacy regime.

OCT 14, 2020

Daniel Solove

This week, we’re talking with Daniel Solove, law professor at the George Washington University and founder of TeachPrivacy.

OCT 14, 2020

Jim Dempsey

Jim Dempsey is the Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and formerly held leadership roles at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

oct 7, 2020

Welcome to the U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast

Will the United States, the largest economy in the world, enact national privacy and data protection legislation? Or will privacy regulation be left to the 50 states and other countries. The borderless nature of the Internet seems to call for a uniform legislation, but enactment is uncertain.

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