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How to Build Back Better With Cybersecurity as a Core Principal

By JC Gaillard A comment left on one of my articles made me think: How can cybersecurity leaders drive a …
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GDPR Violators

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Inextricable According to EU Regulators

The Wall Street Journal has reported on a developing trend in the cybersecurity and data privacy landscape: European Union regulators …
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China Moves to Prioritize Data Privacy, Cybersecurity

Earlier this week, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released draft plans for strengthening the country’s cybersecurity industry over …
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Data Privacy

Ohio Introduces Data Privacy Bill

Ohio is considering a data privacy law that would allow consumers to see and delete data that companies keep on …
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Data Privacy

Biden Asks FTC to Tackle Data Privacy in New Executive Order

In his July 9 Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy, President Biden took new steps to protect …
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How AI Can Help Compliance Departments Navigate Data and Cybersecurity Challenges

H5, an ediscovery technology company, recently convened a panel of experts to discuss the intersection of artificial intelligence technology, data …
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Breaking Down CISA’s “Bad Practices” Guidance

Many cyberattacks are a product of easily preventable mistakes. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has sought to remedy …
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The New First 100 Days of a CISO

Focusing ONLY on tactical firefighting is a major mistake, even in a global pandemic By JC Gaillard The last twelve …
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Data Breach Laws

Data Breach Laws

Major data breaches have become a near-daily occurrence. Some of the largest and most well-recognized companies have rocked the headlines …
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China's privacy law

How to Comply With China’s New Data Privacy Law

China has entered the data security regulation conversation with a sense of urgency missing from many U.S. state privacy laws …
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