NIST Privacy Framework

NIST Releases a Blueprint for Achieving Compliance With Data Privacy Laws

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been in effect for just over a month, and with updates already in …
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Third part Vendor Compliance

How To Continually Assess If Your Vendors Are In Compliance

Outsourcing some of your business operations to a third-party vendor comes with a lot of perks – like improving operational …
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Data Fiduciary

The Data Fiduciary and Escalating Privacy Standards

It’s no secret that consumers worldwide have been disquieted by major data breach scandals in recent years. In the absence …
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GDPR and Pirvacy Shield

Schrems 2.0: What it Means for EU-US Data Transfers and the Future of the Privacy Shield

Schrems 2.0 is a court case with a complex history. It all began when an Austrian privacy activist, Max Schrems, …
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Opinion: Cybersecurity Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Most people can relate to the personal crisis of a frozen computer or crashed hard drive. More often than not, …
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GLB and the CCPA

No Exemptions: Banks Need to Comply With the CCPA and the GLBA

Many financial organizations are under the impression that they are not required to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act …
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Equifax Breach Settled

Equifax Breach Settled: Historic Settlement Approved in Equifax Case

Most remember the headlines on Sept. 7, 2017, when Equifax announced that a massive data breach had exposed the personally …
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Data privacy artificial intelligence

ICO (UK) and Turing Institute Publish Draft Guidance on Explaining Artificial Intelligence Decisions

Artificial intelligence – technology that makes decisions in a way that mimics human decision-making, but with much larger and more …
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Cybersecurity Training

Opinion: Companies aren’t Dedicating Enough Time to Cybersecurity Training

Contributed by: Stephen Gilmer ADCG Advisory Board Member Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) In July 2019, SANS Institute released …
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Diversity in Cybersecurity

Opinion: Cybersecurity Needs More Diversity

Cybersecurity experts are needed at every level of an organization. The problem is that the supply of well-trained professionals cannot …
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