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Membership in ADCG will provide access to a continuously expanding menu of services. Some benefits described here will be available soon. The ADCG website provide details about currently available benefits.
ADCG members will receive access to a rich collection of actionable information, including checklists, charts and analyses built through collaboration with Advisory Board Members, the ADCG membership and ADCG staff. In addition, ADCG will offer relevant and high quality on-demand and live training programs that are pertinent to the duties of the governance, risk and compliance staffs. ADCG member forums will allow members to share questions and answers to the many questions they confront in this nascent, dynamic and evolving global field. Member benefits are further explained below:

Members-Only Resources

Members will have access to a rich library of recorded webinars on a variety of topics. Each features leaders in specific areas of expertise. Corporate members will receive
access to on-demand training for all their employees and


Education and training appropriate to each employee
creates a cyber and privacy awareness culture and translates complex regulatory principles into practical and understandable best practices.

Staying Current

Regulatory and law enforcement agencies in the United
States and around the world constantly seek evidence of
the how a business organization is staying prepared and
giving due attention and resources to the cyber, privacy
and data protection laws, regulations and standards.
ADCG membership for the entire GRC staff ensures that
they have resources to stay current about important developments. This is an important aspect of cyber defenses that may prevent disasters and convince regulators of
the organiztion’s commitment to compliance.

Cross-Border and Multi-Jurisdictional

The issues faced in cyber and privacy compliance are uniquely global. Laws, standards and regulatory pronouncements proliferate and change frequently, often with conflicting and confusing results. The issues are not always
clear, but ACDG’s forums and online events are designed
to bring experts to share their knowledge insights, and facilitating and enhancing the decision-making by an organization.

Recruiting and Hiring

A job board is being developed by ADCG for member
companies to advertise their job openings to a very relevant, qualified and interested audience.

Protection of Reputation

Being an ACDG member demonstrates a commitment to
the tenets of sound cybersecurity and privacy and data protection policies and practices.

Career Advancement

By participating in the programs of ADCG, individuals will
be positioned for career growth through the training, information, networking and other resources. Training and
education nearly always positively impact earnings. In
that way, membership may be viewed as an investment. A
career section at will host and publicize new
opportunities, announcements of career moves, and
survey results.

Conferences and Seminars

Live events offer the many benefit of face-to-face discussions with experts carefully selected for their thought leadership. Additionally, personal connections established
with counterparts in other organizations greatly increases
the value of this experience for the attendees. ACDG will
offer live events throughout the U.S. and the world. We
seek speakers and contributors primarily from our membership.


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