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Securing the connection

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What are your top tips to securing the connection from home to the VPN?

Carlos Solari
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There are multiple steps one can take. As you may know, the VPN connection, once established, is browser to VPN server to destination network where it gets unencrypted to send the packets to the application / data. The return path is similar. You get path protection but not at the endpoints. You can see that there are already several points at the end networks for vulnerabilities starting with the home computer and home network.

The problem with implementing home IT system security is the level of IT expertise, cost and time required - how much are you willing to put in and for what kind of sensitivity of work or even compliance requirement from work. You need to answer these questions first. Putting endpoint protections services is a good starting point. Several vendors provide managed endpoint protection. I am most familiar with Comodo's Endpoint Security but there are others. Start there. Next is a firewall / utm device for your home network. Again, how much time, cost and effort.

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