Why GRC Should be Involved in Choosing Secure Solutions

Digital signature technology is something that is often used within an organization without understanding how the technology works and what the differences are between platforms. There are differences that will be explained in this free web-based seminar. As cybersecurity and data protection concerns grow, GRC executives will be asked to validate compliance within the organization and, just as important, that of vendors and service providers.

Due to the growing number of regulations, laws and standards relating to protection of data, It is becoming more important for GRC execs to be involved in cybersecurity and data protection and become valuable partners with the IT departments. By attending this seminar, you can ask the right questions and make sure that your organization not only chooses the right solution but that it is implemented properly.

Certificates of completion for all attendees


What the differences are in the underlying technology of digital signature technology.
Why blockchain is not created equally.
How artificial intelligence is being used in digital signing technology
Compliance Officers
Privacy Officers
Risk and Compliance
Data Protection Officers
General Counsel
Board Members
Internal Audit

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
12 – 1:30 PM Eastern

Presented via GoToWebinar
This is a free educational program offered
by the Association for Data and Cyber Governance



Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign, is an award-winning visionary in all things related to Digital Business Platforms and providing organizations the necessary tools to transform their businesses into efficient digital powerhouses. Before devoting his career to ZorroSign, Hadi was Managing Director of various organizations, leading teams and honing his authentic leadership style. Observing top business professionals, Shamsh learned how to effectively lead a business into financial success, at the same time improving the professional and personal lives of his employees.

Hadi is focused on ZorroSign’s long-term vision to be the most advanced eSignature, Digital Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution in the market, and to always put security and privacy first. Shamsh wants to continue to offer services and products that are real, mission critical, and legally acceptable in any court of law.

Shamsh is a strong believer that, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and feels efficiency is key, but not at the expense of smart, secure solutions.

Evolving and developing necessary solutions to everyday business challenges, while holding the organization to the highest standards, Hadi feels he will help change the digital macrocosm in ways that have yet to be imagined.

A graduate of University of Waterloo, Shamsh is a lifelong learner, earning many professional certificates from Cornell University in
everything from Strategic Hotel Management to Blockchain for Business.

Shamsh has a deep commitment to family, wife and his children, and is empirically driven by a strong esteemed reflex to steer with
trust, transparency, and tenacious leadership.


Chief Technology Officer with ZorroSign, Priyal is a technical evangelist. Having a diverse set of soft and technical skills, he is eager to disrupt ecosystems with innovation. Priyal has 14+ years of experience in software design and development, enabling him to solve problems in different domains.

He is specialized in Information Technology Security, Secure Software Development, Design and Architecting large scale distributed systems, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts. An electronics and IoT enthusiast, Priyal is envisaging to live in a smart connected world securely.

Priyal is the founder of the Colombo Secure Programming Community, which is envisioned to boost the awareness of Secure Programming and general Information Security concerns among the Software developer community.

Priyal has multinational work experience and has worked in Norway, Finland, Germany, the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and Australia.


Carlos Solari, Advisory Board Chair, CyberFortis, LLC Carlos C Solari was born in Colombia, South America and grew up in Huntington, NY. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University with a BS in Biology and the Naval Postgraduate School with a MS in Systems Technologies. His career started in government service: U.S. Army for 13+ years, FBI senior executive in the 1990’s and Chief Information Officer for the White House (2002 – 2005).

In the private sector, Carlos was VP of Cybersecurity at Bell Labs, VP / GM of Global Security Solutions at CSC, SR VP at Mission Secure Inc and VP of Cybersecurity Services at Comodo Group. He is currently in several roles including Advisory Board Chair for CyberFortis focused on cybersecurity education / training for the corporate leadership including the Board of Directors, the C-Suite and Compliance Officers. He is the author of several books including Security in a Web 2.0+ World published by Wiley in 2009. He has taught cybersecurity in various settings and is an international speaker on this topic.

ZorroSign was created to use electronic signature technology to deliver a unified platform of advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM). ZorroSign provides a highly secure, flexible, seamless, robust solution that supports end-to-end flow of document signature ceremonies for any situation, industry, or department – for signatories located anywhere and using any device.

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