Does Your Organization Need a Chief Privacy Officer

Does Your Organization Need a Chief Privacy Officer?

As the presence of global data privacy legislation continues to rise, so does the importance of privacy-related positions. The EU’s …
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New Zealand’s Data Privacy Law Now Effective

On December 1, New Zealand’s new data privacy law took effect.  The Privacy Act 2020 impacts every organization with a …
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Canada Proposes New Data Privacy Legislation

It’s been a busy year for privacy legislation. California voted to expand the scope of personal information, the EU put …
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Why Data Trusts Are a Win-Win for Companies and Consumers

Data is imperative to many crucial business processes, like marketing, product development, fraud protection, and AI. But complying with proliferating …
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Privacy Shield

A New Framework for a Post-Privacy Shield Era

Since the Schrems 2.0 case ended the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, the companies that relied on the framework to transfer …
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Michigan Data Privacy Laws

Michigan’s Data Privacy Ballot Measure Passes

Though much of the attention has gone to California’s recent data privacy ballot measure, Michigan also presented significant legislation to …
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Explaining the DOJ’s Enforcement Guidance for Cryptocurrency

While the cryptocurrency craze is far from new, there are many unanswered questions about how the industry should be regulated …
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Flawed Data Privacy Laws

Why Most Data Privacy Laws Are Deeply Flawed

Do you ever wonder where all your data goes?  New York Times technology reporter Kashmir Hill has tried to answer …
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Data Rights Management

Why 83 Percent of Financial Organizations Plan to Invest in Data Rights Management

There’s no question that global data privacy legislation is in a state of flux. Europe, California and Brazil have all …
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Consumer Data Protection

Should Consumers Have Full Control Over Their Data?

Balancing the risks and benefits of data has become part of everyday life–for individuals and businesses alike. While the “data …
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