Data Privacy and Protection Specialist

Date: February 24 – 25, Wednesday & Thursday (note new dates)

Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time (8 hours total)

Data Privacy & Protection Specialist

This interactive class and workshop program will take participants through all aspects of establishing and growing a data privacy and protection governance function within their financial institution. After completion of the course, participants will be qualified to lead the function within their small or medium-sized organization. The first half of the session will be a comprehensive overview of the laws, regulations, and standards that impact data protection and privacy. Presenters will review how other organizations have approached setting up a data governance function and what successes and failures they have had and how you can learn from their experience.

The program is designed to help all size financial institutions take what they have already developed and enhance it with best practices and shared experiences to make a more effective and efficient function. 

*This program is beyond only data privacy and data protection. This is a course to prepared an individual to establish a data governance function within their organization.

An attendee will learn:
The key laws and regulations governing data and cyber governance.
What frameworks are: why we have them and how to use them in a financial institution.
The essential elements of a good data and cyber governance organization.
All of the roles and responsibilities for good data and cyber governance.
How to plan, launch, and grow your data and cyber governance organization.
Why one size does not fit all and why it is important to right-size the operation.
About the various organizational structures being used in financial services organizations today.
How to involve and properly inform the board members.
How to establish a board committee charter and what it should say (and not say).
How to recruit and hire for data and cyber governance positions.
How to identify and track key data and cyber governance risks.
How third-party risk management fits into the overall data and cyber governance framework.
How to establish internal reporting, benchmarks, and be ready for future changes.
How to avoid a “putting out fires” mentality.
How to maintain accountability among the stakeholders.
How to manage liability through proper governance coupled with insurance.
The program includes two participatory workshops
Workshop 1: Participants will be asked to establish the data and cyber governance function within a financial institution (using anonymous org structures, job descriptions, roles & responsibilities)
Workshop 2: Participants will be asked to consider issues surrounding the data and cyber governance function during product development or an acquisition.
Chief Risk Officers
Data Protection Officers
Chief Executive Officers
Chief Information Officers
Data Privacy Officers
Product Development Manager
Chief Compliance Officers
Chief Legal Officers
Chief Information Security Officer
Any position charged with data privacy and protection

Date: February 24 – 25, Wednesday & Thursday (note new dates)

Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time (8 hours total)

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