Cyber Investigations Using Open Source Tools

Course 1: Thinking Outside the Box with Open Source Intelligence

Course 2: Using Social Media as Your Investigative and Due Diligence Resource

Presented by

Sandra Stibbards

9 hours  On-Demand, On your own schedule, No need to leave your office


Two Courses to Take Your Investigative Skills to the Next Level

These two courses, presented by seasoned investigative and intelligence expert, Sandra Stibbards, teach valuable and critical lessons on how to utilize open source intelligence and social media in your investigations.
Course 1

Thinking Outside the Box Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Everyone knows about open sources and publicly available information. But, do you know how far you can go with open sources? Protecting yourself while finding the unexpected will propel your work results and quality to a much higher level. 

Three Sessions, 90-minutes each


Session 1: Let’s Get Virtual – Privacy and Being Secure is Key

Learn how to secure your identity, system, and activity prior to searching the internet. 

Learn to maneuver covertly online and understand the important of being stealth in your activity. 

Learn to maintain privacy of websites and social media utilized by you and your business. 

Session 2: Secrets behind Advanced Operators – Digging Out the Unexpected

Understand critical methods required to direct your searches in locating information you need. 

“Directed Searches” can save time and effort while developing confidential and financial information not likely to find in open sources. 

Know the covert nuances of the existing hidden information in open source searching. 

Session 3: Beyond the Google Search –The Deep Web is your Next Stop

The Deep Web is full of resources beyond the Google or Bing search. Search engines scrape the surface of what is truly available to discover. 

Learn where to search in the Deep Web and how to approach these searches. 

Learn to utilize Deep Web resources in unconventional ways in order to get better results and information.

Course 2

Let’s Get Social:

Using Social Media as Your Investigative and Due Diligence Resource

These sessions will allow you to become proficient in understanding the use of social media by these subjects. Additionally, you will expand your tool kit on utilizing social media to increase your results. You will gain a clear perspective and strong understanding of malicious anonymous activity and how to reveal the truth. 

Three Sessions, 90-minutes each


Session 1: How Social Media is used for Investigations and Due Diligence

Narcissism is our friend. People love to talk about themselves whether the information is real or fabricated. Learn to utilize this information as an investigative tool and change the way you conduct your work. 

Discover approaches and methods that reveal social media in ways not typically viewed. 

Change your perspective on searching social media and review the results developed. 

Session 2: Let’s Get Serious About Social Media Tools

Learn about Tools and Downloads that can help with “digging up” social media details.

Social media information can take you in more directions than anticipated, learn about “location enabled” social monitoring. 

Identifying hidden social network profiles can play a critical part in your investigation and/or due diligence work. 

Session 3: Uncover the Fraudster Hiding Behind Anonymity

Reveal the perspective of the fraudster in order to uncover their anonymity and hidden activity.

Discover how “target websites” are utilized and their dangers to you and your company.

Master various resources for business information and beneficial owners who are hiding the real activity.

Who Should Attend
Investigators in Financial Institutions.
Investigators in all organizations.
BSA/AML Investigators.
Special Investigations Units.
Fraud Investigators.
Financial Crimes Intelligence Groups.
Intelligence Analysts from all industries.
Health care fraud investigators.
Federal and State Agencies.
Law Enforcement.
Investigations know no boundaries:
Latin America


Sandra Stibbards
ADCG Advisory Board and CEO, President Camelot Investigations.

Sandra Stibbards, ADCG Advisory Board and CEO, President Camelot Investigations. Stibbards is a 28-year professional who specializes in fraud investigations, competitive intelligence, counterintelligence, business and corporate espionage, intellectual property, online vulnerability assessments, brand protection and IP investigations, internet investigations and other areas. Ms. Stibbards has conducted training seminars worldwide on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) since 2010. She created the course originally for the United States government. Building on that foundation, she tailors her seminars to the needs of companies and government agencies.


Course 1
Thinking Outside the Box using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Three Sessions, 90 Minutes Each
Members $375
Non-Members $475
Government $325
Course 2
Let’s Get Social: Using Social Media as Your Investigative and Due Diligence Resource
Three Sessions, 90 Minutes Each
Members $375
Non-Members $475
Government $325

Save and get both courses together AND it includes ADCG Membership.

Course 1 and Couse 2:  $675

Earn Your OSINT Education Certifcate by taking both courses.

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