A Guide to the Data Privacy Laws Proposed by Texas

Texas State Representative Giovani Capligrione has filed six bills related to “increasing the protection of consumer data by the private sector.”  This follows the recent passing of a state bill mandating data breaches involving more than 250 Texas residents must be reported to the Attorney General. Capligrione implies that this bill has been a step…
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Minnesota Proposes its Own Version of CCPA

Ever since the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) set the tone for state-level privacy laws, more and more states have followed suit. At the start of the year, Minnesota proposed its own data privacy bill–and yes, it’s heavily influenced by CCPA. The bill, known as HF-36,has been sent for referral to the Committee on Commerce,…
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Virginia Set to Enact Major Data Privacy Legislation

Of all the states currently in the process of enacting major privacy legislation, Virginia may be closest to the finish line. On February 5, the Senate of Virginia voted unanimously to approve the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), with the House of Delegates voting 89-9 to approve an identical bill.  Minor amendments are expected after the…
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The Washington Privacy Act is Back in Play

It’s been a turbulent journey for the Washington Privacy Act (WPA). When initially proposed in 2019, the legislation seemed like Washington’s answer to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), establishing a stricter approach to state-level data privacy. However, the bill narrowly failed to pass in 2019, meeting the same fate when reworked in 2020. Though…
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New York State Proposes Biometric Privacy Law

New York State legislators have proposed a private right to action with Assembly Bill 27–a proposed amendment to New York’s General Business Law (GBL). This amendment–also called the Biometric Privacy Act (BPA) –would allow consumers to sue companies for improperly collecting or using certain biometric data. Here’s our analysis:  What Qualifies As Biometric Data?  BPA takes…
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2020 News in Review

Week Ending December 28  ICO Warns SolarWinds Victims to Report Breaches  The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a warning to organizations compromised by the SolarWinds breach. The breach, which was carried out by Russian hackers, affected more than 18000 organizations worldwide. ICO requires UK data controllers subject to NIS regulations to report…
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Michigan Data Privacy Laws

Michigan’s Data Privacy Ballot Measure Passes

Though much of the attention has gone to California’s recent data privacy ballot measure, Michigan also presented significant legislation to its voters this past November 3. And voters answered with a resounding yes. The approval of Proposal (Prop) 2–an amendment to Michigan’s state constitution–requires law enforcement to obtain a warrant before seizing any electronic data.…
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As Federal Regulations Slip, States Are Filling The Gap

As Federal Regulations Slip, States are Filling the Gap

In the years since its 2011 inception, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been a valuable shield between consumers and predatory financial practices. The federal regulatory body held Wells Fargo accountable when the bank was caught opening fake accounts in customers’ names, and it forced Capital One Bank to reimburse customers for unnecessary add-ons.…
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