Colorado's New Privacy Law

How to Comply With Colorado’s New Privacy Law

For all the state data privacy bills that get drafted, a shockingly low amount have actually been passed into law. California and Virginia have been the only two states with privacy legislation one could call “comprehensive” – until now.  Enter Colorado. Unless the governor refuses to sign the bill, the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) will…
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Pennsylvania Data Privacy

How to Comply With Pennsylvania’s Impending Data Privacy Act

Pennsylvania legislators last month introduced the Consumer Data Privacy Act (CDPA)– which resembles California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). And this month, a breach of the Pennsylvania Department of Health led to the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approving a proposal to strengthen the state’s breach notification law, suggesting that Pennsylvania legislators are motivated to implement stronger data…
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North Carolina Consumer Data Privacy

A Guide to North Carolina’s Proposed Data Privacy Law

Following the lead of other states, the North Carolina General Assembly has introduced a broad consumer privacy bill–the Consumer Privacy Act (CPA) of North Carolina. Here’s what to expect from the bill if it is passed into law. Applicability  The law applies to your business if it conducts business in North Carolina, or produces products…
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How to Follow CPRA’s Rules for ‘Dark Patterns’

When it was passed into law last year, one of the most groundbreaking precedents the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) established was its regulation of “dark patterns”— insidious user-interface design choices intended to subconsciously influence user behavior. Even if you’ve never heard the term before, you’ve likely experienced it in some form–think ads disguised as…
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A Guide to the Data Privacy Laws Proposed by Texas

Texas State Representative Giovani Capligrione has filed six bills related to “increasing the protection of consumer data by the private sector.”  This follows the recent passing of a state bill mandating data breaches involving more than 250 Texas residents must be reported to the Attorney General. Capligrione implies that this bill has been a step…
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Minnesota Proposes its Own Version of CCPA

Ever since the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) set the tone for state-level privacy laws, more and more states have followed suit. At the start of the year, Minnesota proposed its own data privacy bill–and yes, it’s heavily influenced by CCPA. The bill, known as HF-36,has been sent for referral to the Committee on Commerce,…
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Virginia Set to Enact Major Data Privacy Legislation

Of all the states currently in the process of enacting major privacy legislation, Virginia may be closest to the finish line. On February 5, the Senate of Virginia voted unanimously to approve the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), with the House of Delegates voting 89-9 to approve an identical bill.  Minor amendments are expected after the…
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