CFIUS Turns an Eye Toward Data Privacy

CFIUS Expands Its Reach Foreign investors in US businesses have a new set of data privacy regulations to comply with if they wish to avoid post-closing investigations or divestment. On February 13, the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018 (FIRRMA) took effect. This act increases the authority of the Committee on Foreign Investment…
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GDPR And Pirvacy Shield

Schrems 2.0: What it Means for EU-US Data Transfers and the Future of the Privacy Shield

Schrems 2.0 is a court case with a complex history. It all began when an Austrian privacy activist, Max Schrems, filed a formal complaint against Facebook back in 2013. This original filing-–Schrems 1.0–was brought to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner and alleged that Facebook violated the rights of EU citizens by sharing and transferring their…
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Russia Sovereign Internet

Russia Passes Law to Create Sovereign Internet

The notion of internet sovereignty is not new. China’s government has sought to censor the internet for almost two decades via its so-called “Great Firewall.” Now, even more countries and governments are attempting to place controls on the information their citizens can access. On Nov. 1, 2019, a Russian law requiring internet providers “to install…
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