Time To Update Legacy Software

Cybersecurity Compliance Standards are Getting an Update. Are Your Legacy Systems?

Executives typically have long to-do lists. With new cybersecurity standards mandating the C-Suite to become more involved in cybersecurity operations, the list is getting longer. To successfully operate a business in the modern cybersecurity landscape, executives need to ensure that all employees are properly trained, that their vendors are properly vetted and audited, and that…
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National Labor Review Board Allows Employers to Ban Personal Use of Company Email

National Law Review reported yesterday that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in a 3-1 majority decision that employers are legally allowed to restrict the use of company email accounts to business-only communications. This marks a reversal of the stance that the NLRB has held since 2014, when it ruled in Purple Communications Inc.…
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What All Financial Institutions Can Learn From the Capital One Breach

Learning lessons from another financial institution’s mistake, such as the Capital One Breach in 2019, is one of the best ways to help make important improvements. Paige Thompson, 33, of Seattle, Washington was arrested on July 29, 2019 for stealing more than 100 million credit card applications from Capital One Financial Corporation. Court filings allege…
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